First Reported Cases of COVID-19-Associated Mucormycosis in Tunisia
Rim Khemakhem 1 , Ichrak Bougharriou 2 * , Nesrine Kallel 1 , Anis Bafoun 2 , Feten Mahmoudi 2 , Samy Kammoun 1
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1 Pulmonology Department, Hedi Chaker Hospital, University of Sfax, TUNISIA2 Covid Oxygen Unit, Military Field Hospital, University of Sfax, TUNISIA* Corresponding Author


COVID-19 infection is associated with several complications such as mucormycosis. We report, to the best of our knowledge, the first published cases of mucormycosis associated with severe COVID-19 infection in Tunisia. The first case was a diabetic, 68-year-old man, who presented a rhino-orbito-cerebral mucromycosis. The second case was a 37-year-old woman with a chronic renal failure hemodialysis stage and liver disease and who presented a rhino-sinuso-orbital mucormycosis. The diagnosis of mucormycosis was retained in both cases seven days after COVID-19 infection. Antifungal treatment was prescriped. Surgical treatment was not possible. Both cases died. We should think about mucormycosis in patients with COVID-19 infection and emergency medical and surgical treatment must be started to reduce mortality.


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Article Type: Case Report

ELECTR J MED DENT STUD, Volume 12, Issue 1, March 2022, Article No: em0097

Publication date: 06 Apr 2022

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